Any personal information we collect from you will be used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and other applicable laws. The Data Protection Act (DPA) gives you the right to see personal information we hold about you. If you want copies of this information, please contact us all.  Data is held securely and won't be sold to any 3rd parties. The details we collect will be used for the following:

1. We only record data which is relevant to the fulfilment of your order.

2. To comply with legal requirements GalGael Enterprises  is a social enterprise trading subsidiary of GalGael Trust and we may need to pass the information we collect to the trust for administrative purposes.

3. We may use third parties to carry out certain activities, such as processing, payment and sorting data, monitoring how customers use our site and issuing our emails for us. Currently we use PayPal for our transactions and  Shopify, which is an e-commerce platform. 

4. We may pass information onto the local police authorities, local govern bodies and our bank, if we feel their has been any fraudulent transactions. 

5. We may pass information onto the local police authorities, on authorised grounds such as a formal police investigation. 


Privacy & Cookies

 When you are browsing websites on the internet, many websites store tiny text files called cookies onto your computer, to help track your use of the site. These cookies can be stored so that if you return to a website, that website server can call the information from the cookies stored on your computer to tailor your experience of the site. 

The GalGael Trust website uses strictly necessary cookies required to set the font on the site.

We do not store any information that would, on its own, allow us to identify individual users of this service without their permission. We use cookies set by Google Analytics and Shopify to track visitor interactions. These cookies are used to store information, such as what time the current visit occurred, what pages the visitor went on, whether the visitor has been to the site before, and what site referred the visitor to the web page. Users can opt out from having their information sent to Google Analytics by installing the opt out browser add on:

Cookies are not shared with any third parties.

Welcome To our shop

Buying from us is a great way to support our work as profits will feed back into the GalGael Trust. It's also a great way to buy green and Scottish. if you would like anything customised please feel free to e-mail Local craft, local materials, local people.